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Legends of the Links - St Andrews

This is now my 2nd journey this year to what I consider the home or hub of golf world wide, St. Andrews. ( St. Andrews and the entire village oozes a certain nostalgia like no other place on earth. The "Auld Grey Toun" is magical and not so grey at all. 

My first experience at St. Andrews was walking around the small village near the 18th green on the Old Course. Despite the slightly heavy rain and grey weather, with bright blue pockets of sky, there were people from all walks of life out enjoying this wonderful place. 

After checking on my products in the Old Tom Morris and St. Andrews shops I ducked into the St. Andrews golf club to shop ( It is here  I meet up with a wonderful man named Hamish, who taught me about how his company made golf clubs, and which ones they made for Bobby Jones.

After some stories I was on my way up to the factory, just a wee bit outside of town, where Hamish and I worked a trade for some iliac products for my new (really ancient) putter - a replica of Calamity Jane. I was now armed and ready for my first go on the Old Course. 

The Old Course, like most Links courses, looks rather tame and easy on paper, and I can imagine on a calm day with proper knowledge of the layout it might be - but not today. Sideways rain and cold wind made this wee track play like quite a monster. After 3 holes I was pretty much drenched, and felt as if it were me, the elements and history fighting for a score. 

After turning home on the outward nine I made my way downwind and up the historical 18th hole, with the R&A building to my left and the road to my right. It was nearly 10 p.m. and still light out. There were, and I'm assuming there always are, a few hard core fans standing 10 feet away while I putted out on the 18th green. 

I took some things with me from that round that will forever improve my game and the way I approach a round of golf.

While waiting for my things to dry out I took in the MUSEUM OF GOLF, some ruins and a little coastal/castle jog. I found more and more interesting tidbits about the Old Tom Morris boys, as well as facts leading up to some very interesting British Open victories.

I am intrigued with St. Andrews and the deep roots it has with the rich traditions of the game. I am currently working on my designs for St. Andrews, and look forward to my return next year to take in more of this historical and amazing place.

Bert LaMar

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