iliac 2011 PGA Show

"Iliac has arrived" PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando Florida, Jan 27-29, 2011

We meet with just over 318 of the Nations finest green grass clubs from east to west. The repetitive theme at the show was loud and clear and it went something like this; "We love the product because it's different, fits our members perfectly and the sell/through and demand is incredible. Thank you for protecting us  green grass clubs by only selling iliac to us and not off-course dealers. The iliac product, brand image, reps and in house support people are so great that we are going to make iliac one of our top apparel partners for the long haul. Thanks for doing all that your doing and we love the brand, the booth, the distribution model and we especially like that your brand is unique, performance based yet preserves rich qualities of golf that we as club pros are trying hard to promote. We love iliac."

These comments were backed up with orders from clubs bringing in apparel and more then doubling ( in many cases quadrupling) their order size from last season.

"For me iliac is starting to smooth out and really find it's place in the golf community. I look forward to fine tuning the line for 2012." -Bert LaMar, Founder, Designer, Golfer. 





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