Behind The Feather 4oz Wind Jacket

Q: Can you explain why you created The Feather wind jacket?

Bert: Because conditions change over and over during a round.

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Q: What is different about The Feather?

Bert: There are many unique features but the main ones are the ultra light 4oz fiber micro ripstop material, the fit, the hood and the adjustments.

Q: What is 4oz Micro ripstop material?

Bert: Most ripstop materials are designed for outdoor sleeping bags, tents and packs that is why they are all too heavy for golf. My 4oz fiber is unique in that it is soft, light, quite and still mighty enough to stop the wind. You need cross fibers when you go light with material design or the fibers will break, that is if you want them soft, you could use Kevlar (Ha:) but then you wouldn't have the soft feel.

Q: What do you mean about the design?

Bert: The lines, shape, fit, and features. My Feather has a sleek line but not too snug because it only has a technical stretch and not a fiber stretch, meaning the flow comes from the fit not being too tight. The hood is bad ass when it gets cold because most of a humans body heat escapes through the head, the hood is your most efficient heater for the investment. The body material fights of the wind chill. The visor helps with glare and the weight makes it a partner you know is always there in your bag when mother nature decides to change conditions on your game. The croc trim just says BLING:)

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