Bert Introduces EcoLux New Shirt Material

"I'm proud to introduce a luxury mild weather eco based fiber. EcoLux has more stretch, a little less structure and an ultra smooth feel." Bert LaMar

The feel, feel and feel of a luxury natural fiber. Extracted from wood pulp to offer the golfer a natural calming effect.Design/Tour Proven/Tech/Use: iliac EcoLux is a cellulose fiber extracted from organic wood pulp with recycled solutions. Bert's tour proven 198 gram & 360 degree plus stretch weave make feel as if you have nothing on but a calming glow of comfort.

iliac Golf by Bert LaMar EcoLux Rancher 2Char Rancher 2 EcoLuxEcoLux iliac

EcoLux Rancher Oatmeal and Rust Tartan

iliac EcoLux Rancher