Q: Where did the name Iliac Golf originate from?

A: Bert initially had a patented golf bag that transferred most of the bag load to your hips or "iliac Crest."


Q: Do you offer personalization?

A: Yes, now you can personalize your products like we do for our tour players and select green grass clubs. Click on the personalization tab next to the product.


Q: Can I get my product embroidered with my club logo?

A: Unfortunately, we only offer clubs the exclusivity of ordering products with their logo on them. If you would like items with your club’s logo, please visit your club and allow them to place the order for you. Please also understand, if you order through a club they are responsible for contacting us directly regarding the order.


Q: What is Tour Cresting?

A: Tour cresting is a customization option for our shirts. Our tour crest is a larger iliac logo (1.5") with the iliac script banner just below the crest, placed on the top center of the back as well as the right sleeve. This is the cresting that all our tour players receive.


Q: Do you offer customized head covers?

A: At this time, we do not offer customized head covers. In the near future we will, but right now what is on the website is what we currently have available, there are many combinations available.


Q: If I play on a junior, high school, college team or mini tour do you offer any price reductions as support?

A: You need to have your coach or tournament director submit an email and include 2 email references for our approval. Please send email to service@iliacgolf.com

If approved you will receive a 10% reduction from retail to help support you on your journey to the top.


Q: How do the head covers fit?

A: All our driver covers fit snug, at first, and break in shortly for that perfect tour preferred fit.

  • Our driver head covers fit the USGA approved 460cc heads.
  • Our 3 wood head covers fit almost all of today’s designed clubs.
  • Our Utility head cover, marked with a diamond logo, fits well on 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 woods.
  • Our Hybrid head cover, marked with an X , fits most of today’s hybrids.
  • Our Cloud Putter head cover fits most blade style putters.
  • Our Velcro putter fits most blade style putters and small mallet putters.


Q: Is everything made in the USA?

A: All of our apparel, accessories, outerwear and Apres Golf is made in the USA at our factory under Bert's eye. 


Q: Do you you carry the Presidents Cup Leather Head cover?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer this particular logo..


Q: Is your product stocked?

A: Ready to Ship items are ready to go within 48 hours. Most of our product is not stocked. It is hand crafted and made to order in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: If your order contains both Ready to Ship as well as non-stocked products, your order will not ship until all items have been completed. If you would like to have your Ready to Ship items shipped out prior to completion, you will be required to pay the additional shipping fees. You may submit a request to service@iliacgolf.com.



Q: Is your product sold in retail stores?

A: Our line is not offered in retail stores. Our line is carried in select green grass golf clubs and online on our website.


Q: Do you offer Personal Use Discounts (PUD)?

A: At this time, PUD is only extended to Pros who represent a club that currently carries our line.


Q: Do you offer copies of your catalog?

A: For select dealers we do offer copies of the catalog. Please email service@iliacgolf.com

Our website is constantly being updated and the order process is running smoothly through the site. Bert La Mar feels that this new direction will be a better experience for most of the customers because everything is up to date and current at www.iliacgolf.com 


Q: Do you have authorized dealers in Europe?

A: There are select clubs in Europe mainly Scotland, Ireland and England at Clubs like Royal Port Rush, Castle Stuart, Kings Barns.


Q: I am an international Iliac collector, how can I get your product?

A: We offer international shipping rates in the check out process. Pricing varies on location.


Q: Is my product under warranty?

A: There is a 6 month manufacturers defect warranty. From the date your order was invoiced for all items. Proof of purchase required.


Q: How do I make a return or exchange?

A: Please refer to our RETURNS page located in the heading of the website.


Q: My order is damaged, what should I do?

A: Please report any damaged goods as soon as possible. If you received your product damaged, call us immediately and we will assist you in ordering a replacement. If your leather good becomes damaged due to a defect in our error we will offer a replacement within a year of receipt of your order. Any additional wear and tear on the product that is not due to a manufacturers defect cannot be replaced. Please have your order number or the name the order was placed under ready.


Q: How do I find my order status?

A: For updates on your order, please email us at service@iliacgolf.com and will be happy to provide with an update within 72 hours.


Q: How should I care for my product?


A: Leather: Most of our leather goods are easily cleaned with a soft cloth and water. If you would like to protect your leather goods we suggest having them professionally treated.

Wool: Spot treat your wool with soap and water. The wool head covers can be washed hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry or dry cleaned.

Apparel: To preserve the color of your Iliac apparel we recommend washing in cold water, INSIDE OUT, and hang dry or lay flat to dry. Repeat after every session and play hard!


Q: Can I add a new item to an existing order?

A: We are unable to add a new item to an order once it has been placed, we recommend you place a new order for any additional items. Please email service@iliacgolf.com for questions or assistance.


Q: Can I make changes to my order after I place it?

A: Because most products are custom made to your order, it is very difficult for us to make changes to your order once it is placed. Changes can be made 24 hours after the order is placed. After that, it has been sent to production and no changes may be made.


Q: What Credit Cards are accepted?

A: Iliac accepts all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover as well as PayPal.


Q: How do I share my feedback and suggestions?

Please send an email to service@iliacgolf.com




Delivery & Size Guide
With the expansion of our 2nd factory now in San Diego, we anticipate shipping your order:

Hand Made Ready To Ship Products: We are currently experiencing high demand with the recent release of our new Milan Collection. Please allow 1-2 business for shipping to be processed.                                                                              

Hand Made To Order Leather Items: Please allow 10 business days on standard items. Please allow 20-35 business days on personalized/embroidered items.**Delivery time is always subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: All leather items are hand made to order, unless they are ready to ship, therefore there are NO returns/exchanges on such items.


Golf Apparel:


Front Length Chest Neck Arm Hole Sleeve Width
XSmall 27" 34-35" 14-14 1/2" 18" 8"
Small 28" 35-38" 15-15 1/2" 19" 9"
Medium 29" 38-40" 15 1/2-16" 20" 10"
Large 30" 42-44" 16 1/2-17" 21" 10 1/2"
XL 31" 46-48" 17-17 1/2" 22" 11"
XXL 32" 50-52" 17 1/2-18" 23" 12"

Measure your body with measuring tape to find your fit!


Tyrone VanAswegen (PGA TOUR) is 6' 170 lbs...He wears small and medium shirts depending on how ripped he is, medium outerwear, 33/31 TVA Cut Pant, 30-32 belt  for a more fitted look and feel.

Brett Stegmaier (PGA TOUR) is 6'2 170 lbs...He wears medium shirts, medium outerwear, 32/32.5 Jin Cut Pant, 30-32 belt for a more fitted look and feel.

Tain Lee (Web.com TOUR) is 5"10' 160 lbs...He wears medium shirts, medium outerwear, 32/30 TVA Cut Pant, 30-32 for a more fitted look and feel.

Jin Park (Web.com TOUR) is 5'8" 150 lbs...He wears small shirts or medium shirts, 32/30 Jin Skinny, 30-32 belt for a more fitted look and feel.



Head covers are designed to fit snug and work out as they become weathered and stretch. They may fade in heat and weather. We think that's part of the vintage look and feel.

Driver : Head covers fit the USGA approved 460cc heads.

3 Wood: Head covers fit almost all of today’s designed clubs. 

5 Wood: Head covers fit almost all of today's designed clubs.

Utility: Head covers marked with a diamond logo, fit well on 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 woods.

Hybrid: Head covers marked with an X , fit most of today’s hybrids.

Cloud Putter: Head covers fit most blade style putters.

Velcro Putter: Head covers fit most blade style putters and small mallet putters. 

Wider Mallet: Head covers fit standard wider mallet patter, wider and longer than Velcro Putter.

Two-Ball Putter: Head covers fit most of spider style clubs

Alignment Stick Cover: Fits up to two standard alignment sticks.