Bert LaMar Interview - On His NEW Goldust Tartan Collection

What is the Goldust Tartan Collection?

Bert: Goldust is my new summer 2016 collection which I have been working on since winter of 2014.

Inspired by a month long break I took to Italy to clear my mind and study design, art, culture and technical design history.


What is different about this collection?

Bert: After years of pushing the fabric mills I was able to finally incorporate SUBLIMATION into my fabric. I was the main pioneer of Sublimation in the snowboard industry and I knew it would have huge benefits for the tour level golfer.

What does Sublimation do? Why is it better?

Bert: Sublimation is the process of converting ink, or in my case art&design which I created in Italy, from a SOLID INTO A GASEOUS STATE.  This means that the design or art if you will is transferred at temperatures over 290 degrees from the outside of the material fibers. It penetrates 98% from the outside locking in the most durable crystal clear print while LEAVING THE ATHLETE'S SKIN TO SIT AGAINST PURE PERFORMANCE FIBERS. There is nothing like this in golf or really any performance sport. I am the first to develop it for athletes. My Tour Players LOVE IT! They probably don't even know why:) Nor should they:)

What is the Venice Belt all about?

Bert: I wanted a belt that looked like a million bucks, but was designed to perform like a piece of equipment on the tour for 3,4,5, even 8 week stretches on tour which can be extremely demanding. The last thing a tour player needs is a belt that can't handle the heat! I wanted the beauty of Imported Italian Croc Embossed Leather and Italian sports performance infused lining. In Italy I was able to create just that!  Everything about her is crafted to perform.  The buckle mount is my own design sports radial zinc alloy, brushed silver buckle.

How is your game?

Bert: I am fortunate enough to be around the best players and support teams in the game of golf. I am always learning what it takes to get better. For me now I have a major hurdle to try and clear, my ball striking. I am working closely with Dr. Mo Pickens, Janet Alexander, Dr. Shepard and now Dana Dahlquist. It's a work in progress and I love the process and the people.

What do you do to clear your head from your work/design/iliac?

Bert: I love to chill with my wife, kids and dogs:) I am blessed:)




Delivery & Size Guide
With the expansion of our 2nd factory now in San Diego, we anticipate shipping your order:

Hand Made Ready To Ship Products: We are currently experiencing high demand with the recent release of our new Milan Collection. Please allow 1-2 business for shipping to be processed.                                                                              

Hand Made To Order Leather Items: Please allow 10 business days on standard items. Please allow 20-35 business days on personalized/embroidered items.**Delivery time is always subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: All leather items are hand made to order, unless they are ready to ship, therefore there are NO returns/exchanges on such items.


Golf Apparel:


Front Length Chest Neck Arm Hole Sleeve Width
XSmall 27" 34-35" 14-14 1/2" 18" 8"
Small 28" 35-38" 15-15 1/2" 19" 9"
Medium 29" 38-40" 15 1/2-16" 20" 10"
Large 30" 42-44" 16 1/2-17" 21" 10 1/2"
XL 31" 46-48" 17-17 1/2" 22" 11"
XXL 32" 50-52" 17 1/2-18" 23" 12"

Measure your body with measuring tape to find your fit!


Tyrone VanAswegen (PGA TOUR) is 6' 170 lbs...He wears small and medium shirts depending on how ripped he is, medium outerwear, 33/31 TVA Cut Pant, 30-32 belt  for a more fitted look and feel.

Brett Stegmaier (PGA TOUR) is 6'2 170 lbs...He wears medium shirts, medium outerwear, 32/32.5 Jin Cut Pant, 30-32 belt for a more fitted look and feel.

Tain Lee ( TOUR) is 5"10' 160 lbs...He wears medium shirts, medium outerwear, 32/30 TVA Cut Pant, 30-32 for a more fitted look and feel.

Jin Park ( TOUR) is 5'8" 150 lbs...He wears small shirts or medium shirts, 32/30 Jin Skinny, 30-32 belt for a more fitted look and feel.



Head covers are designed to fit snug and work out as they become weathered and stretch. They may fade in heat and weather. We think that's part of the vintage look and feel.

Driver : Head covers fit the USGA approved 460cc heads.

3 Wood: Head covers fit almost all of today’s designed clubs. 

5 Wood: Head covers fit almost all of today's designed clubs.

Utility: Head covers marked with a diamond logo, fit well on 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 woods.

Hybrid: Head covers marked with an X , fit most of today’s hybrids.

Cloud Putter: Head covers fit most blade style putters.

Velcro Putter: Head covers fit most blade style putters and small mallet putters. 

Wider Mallet: Head covers fit standard wider mallet patter, wider and longer than Velcro Putter.

Two-Ball Putter: Head covers fit most of spider style clubs

Alignment Stick Cover: Fits up to two standard alignment sticks.