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Inside Design With Bert LaMar

Do you have a muse?

Everything I do, see, touch, taste, experience combined with my deep roots in design handed down from my grandmother Esther and my mother Esther, who both talked, lived and worked in apparel design every day of their life.

Si Woo Kim, Bert LaMar & Tain Lee, Carlsbad private studio.

How do you create each design?

Some pieces take me years and years to complete. I have some designs I'm working on that may never meet my approval. Most of my work is pretty technical, meaning there is a function and purpose for every detail. This comes from my fathers side of the family being a technical tooling engineer combined with my sports background, growing up as a professional skateboarder, snowboarder & golfer.


People say you have a gift for design?

I believe that my fate has brought me to experience many great things & people in sport, travel, lifestyle and technical design. I am always working on improving everything I do which includes my designs. Not sure if it's a gift or a product of passion and destiny.

Where will you be next?

Next I'm in Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence with my family for inspiration.

These newest designs are just beautiful, can you tell us about them?

Well, I have been wrestling with this new round collar design for some time and feel that this shape is just perfect. I think it is strong enough to last for decades in my line. I get jacked up each time I see it and feel the juices when wearing it. I'm hoping the vibe will translate for my tour players and iliackers. My heart design is, well warm and happy:)


Whats next?

The excitement for me is in my next piece and I'm not even sure what that is yet.)

*Bert wanted you to know he doesn't smoke. The smoke in this picture is incense he burns from around the world to rejuvenate his muse!

Interview by iliac in house editorial staff. 6/13/15