Inside your pants with Bert

Q: What are your new LDS pants all about?
Bert: 15 years of experience, R&D, feedback, tour abuse, rigorous testing and style.

Q: What is the tour scripting program all about?
Bert: Every tour player I have ever sponsored on the PGA tour goes through 25-60 pairs of pants a season and usually about 20% are white. I wanted to give us golfers who aren't making million playing the support to purchase more quantities like 6, 12 & 24 so this program gives them up to a 40% reduction.

Tour Fit LDS II Classic Fit Luxury Dry Stretch Pant

Q: Is there anything unique about them?
Bert: Aside from my signature patent croc leather trim and cut I'd say the material.

Q: How did you get to this cut/design?
Bert: I was always looking for a sweet spot in between a fashion forward fitted, athletic line but with a slight classic and some space. This new design hits the sweet spot.

Q: This material feels so light and soft. What is it all about?
Bert: The LDS II is an elastomer unique fiber in that I was able to reduce the fiber weight while maintaining the moisture wicking, uv, stretch, antimicrobial and velvet smooth hand.

Q: What is the most interesting experience you have had on tour with your pants?
Bert: Ahhh... Laughing:) I now make all my pants with what I call the "Tour ASS" So I get a text from a web kid, Tain Lee, he's in a panic as he's Monday qualified into an event and on Tuesday's practice the entire inseam of the ass/glute area rips open. I jump on the phone and tell him to calm down, find a local tailor and pay them to rush to fix it, and that this has never happened and it's probably just a fluke. Well the week later I get a call from Tyrone at the Players Championship and he says fuck, dude my pants ripped open today in the event. What is it? I've never seen this happen before in the past 5 years wearing iliac.
I'm like, hum let me check. I did some testing and immediately noticed that my new tighter fit was putting too much pressure on the inner glute seam when squatting to read puts and on full driver swings. That next day I was in my Carlsbad factory with my sewers and pattern maker. We since have been doing a double cover stitch pass on long that area, thus the Tour Ass Pant was born.