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Interview Designer Bert LaMar . The Cruizer Untucked

Q: Bert why a untucked shirt in a game were all pro & serious golfers tuck in their shirts & at most clubs it's mandatory?

Bert: Because it works better.

Q: How can a shirt "work" better?

Bert: I've been out on tour for over 15 years and it took me 12 years to realize the players are distracted by their shirt coming untucked or not sitting correct.

Q: So do you think this will solve that issue?

Bert: 100%, but the goal was to not look like a slob or unintentionally sloppy. It took many samples and about two years to nail the cut and the look. The Cruizer looks like it was intentional and designed with a purpose. It even has some extra weight around the bottom hem to help keep the look and feel clean.

Q: How can it improve your game?

Bert: Best question so far:) Golf as you know is about being focused and in the zone when duty calls to execute the shot, the last thing you need is to be distracted by your apparel, as a professional athlete my entire life I understand how costly distractions can be to your career. When wearing the Cruizer you now have one less potential distraction. Boom!