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Outerwear Interview With Designer.Founder Bert LaMar

iliac 2020 Season Outerwear

Q: Can you tell us about your new outerwear?

Bert: This is my best outerwear line yet because it gives the player the most warmth and comfort with the least amount of awareness. That means you are warm but not aware that you are wearing a jacket or vest, which to me is the first goal for a pro golfer who needs to be calm and focused on the shot at hand, not his outerwear.

Fluffy Sherpa Jacket . Char Gnar $275

Q: What else goes into your outerwear?

Bert: The 2nd part of outerwear to me is how it works. This means how the fibers, material and design come together to do their job, which is keep you warm, dry, mobile and confident.

Q: How does you outerwear achieve the 2nd part?

Bert: I have spent over 15 years of my life snowboarding around the world and designing outerwear for all conditions including some over 20,000 elevation. The key take away from my past experience then now working with today's top golfers is the same. The athlete needs to be as warm, dry, mobile and confident as possible while grinding through the worlds most challenging situations. The LAST thing a elite snowboarder or golfer needs is a distraction from weakly designed outerwear. This is why i developed outer fibers that work like a bear's fur wicking cold wind, air and temperatures from reaching your skin. Once the Sherpa fur blocks the cold the inner layer wicks moisture from your skin allowing your body to stay dry and warm. It's sounds basic but it's my challenge.

Fluffy Sherpa Vest . Coconut $245

Q: What do you mean by confidence from your outerwear?

Bert: Confidence in your iliac apparel comes in two forms.

First form is knowing that your outerwear is going to do it's job of keeping you as warm as possible, moisture wicking sweat so you are dry and your skin breathes allowing your body to do it's natural warming work, and cooling. This means your red blood cell flow is working to oxygenate your system thus keeping you from over heating and wasting energy which translates to poor focus for a world class athlete trying to do their job.

Second form is style, yes knowing you look great and love the way you look does something to the brain in a very positive way. Look good, play good is a tag line that follows my apparel and players starting back when Zach Johnson and Jimmy Walker elevated their look and games when wearing iliac. the opposite can be true for a guy feeling down and looking bad. Golf is so demanding that having beautifully designed apparel that makes you feel great is like having a sports psychologist in your pocket, or on your back. (Smiles)

Fluffy Sherpa Vest . Black Dust $245

Hand Made in Carlsbad California