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“I am an athlete, designer, brand curator who has spent my entire life training for sport at the highest level while designing products to meet those needs, period. I also protect my brand at all costs from becoming corporate, weak or average. iliac now has the business model to grow my vision. Like all living things iliac needs fuel to move to the next level. This capital raise will allow me to have high level assistance, inventory and support for my loyal customers. Since changing my business model to a 4PL operation in May 2019, based on the guidance from John Rossman, The Amazon Way, I have seen the value this brings allowing me to focus more on product, tour, brand, photography, and quality and not
opperations. We are now seeking some capital to continue forward on this 4PL model where we see growth and profit while maintaining my vision and loyalty to iliac and my customers.
I look forward to meeting you and having you along for the business
journey of the crest.” 
Bert LaMar

Buy shares from $20k to $500k

Own .5% to 25%

Exit plan . Show growth, profit next few years & share dividends or sell.

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