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Protect the legends of the past by sharing their stories, style and accomplishments. Bert LaMar is a true purist at hart and continues to explore and learn about the history and rich tradition of the game of golf.

Old Tom Morris, Sr.

"Old Tom seemed like the Tiger Woods of the 1800's. Tom was a hard hitting professional that literally paved the way for today's golfers. I love his focus, kindness and professionalism." Bert LaMar

Thomas Mitchell Morris, Sr. (16 June 1821 – 24 May 1908), otherwise known as Old Tom Morris, was a pioneer of professional golf. He was born in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, the "home of golf" and location of the St Andrews Links, and died there as well. His son was Tom Morris, Jr. (died 1875), best known as "Young Tom Morris."

Bert had a chance to spend some time over the past couple years in Fife visiting and playing in Old Tom's stomping grounds. Here is his house located around the corner from the R&A and the 1st tee on the Old course.

Morris worked as a greenkeeper, clubmaker, ballmaker, golf instructor, and course designer, as well as playing match and tournament golf. He came second in the first Open Championship in 1860, and won the following year. He followed this up with further victories in 1862, 1864 and 1867. He still holds the record as the oldest winner of The Open Championship at 46. Also, he was part of the only father/son couple being winner and runner-up.[4]

Morris held the record for the largest margin of victory in a major championship (14 strokes in the 1862 Open Championship), which stood until Tiger Woods won the 2000 U.S. Open by 15 strokes.

Bert was proud to be asked by St Andrews to make a special collection using the Tom Morris name. Here are a set of iliac Golf by Bert LaMar head covers made by Bert for the Tom Morris shop across the road hole on the Old Course in Fife, St Andrews.

Morris kept working right up until his death, just before his 87th birthday. He died after falling down a flight of stairs in the clubhouse of the New Golf Club in St Andrews. He is buried in the grounds of the St Andrews Cathedral, and his grave attracts thousands of golfers who wish to pay homage.